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  • Salvage

    Unrivalled in the provision of high resolution multibeam sonar surveys of shipwrecks in the marine salvage market, ADUS has provided surveys for virtually all large scale wreck removal projects around the globe over the last 5 years, including the California, Vinca Gorthon, B Oceania, B159, New Flame, Oliva, Rena and more recently the Costa Concordia. ADUS has developed unique 3D interactive visualisation technology in the form of ‘WreckSight’ software. WreckSight enables those engaged in wreck-removal operations, management of cargoes hazardous to the environment, or management of submerged heritage, a degree of understanding of the wreck and its immediate surroundings which has not been possible before. ADUS has also completed a high resolution survey of the sunken Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011, in association with Canyon Offshore and Fugro Chance, on behalf of the rig's owners Transocean, which lies at a depth of 5000ft.

Defence 2
  • Defence

    ADUS has spent 6 years developing and improving its survey techniques and establishing relationships with high profile clients such as the MoD. The UK MoD’s Salvage and Marine Operations division (SMO), with whom ADUS has a PPP, has a wide-ranging remit which includes marine salvage of vessels and aircraft, operational moorings including floating fuel terminals, blue water towing operations, underwater engineering repair operations, port clearance and wreck management. In addition, a large number of “legacy” wrecks containing oil, explosives or other hazardous materials exists. The UK MoD, NOAA in the USA and the Norwegian Maritime Administration are considering introducing more formalised programmes to monitor the condition of these wrecks over time, with high resolution survey a key component of this.

Archaeology 3
  • Archaeology

    ADUS' technology, developed through commercial application in the fields of marine salvage and oil & gas, and via partnerships with leading multibeam sonar manufacturers, has the potential to utilise recent and developing technologies of multi-beam sonar, motion reference and sub-sea positioning systems to visualise underwater archaeological sites in enough detail to allow the non-diving public to experience, understand, and appreciate submerged cultural material in almost any depth of water in a way not previously possible; especially so since such sites are one more step removed than sites on land.

  • Archaeology

    ADUS has its origins in the survey of submerged cultural heritage, having been founded by two former members of St Andrews University’s Archaeological Diving Unit. ADUS has undertaken detailed 3D sonar surveys on notable historic maritime sites including the wrecks of the German High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow, and the wreck of the Royal Oak, one of the most significant designated maritime war graves in Europe. ADUS has recently undertaken high resolution multibeam surveys of wrecks from the Battle of the Atlantic off the Outer Banks of North Carolina as part of a NOAA project run by Joe Hoyt from the National Marine Sanctuaries.

Oil & Gas 4
  • Oil & Gas

    Having proven its capabilities during the survey of the wreck of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, ADUS can offer survey services in the Oil & Gas sector such as the monitoring existing sub-marine structures, including pipelines,rigs, well-heads and other sea floor equipment on a regular basis to check for signs of degradation or instability.

Wind & Tide Energy 5
  • Wind & Tide Energy

    More recently ADUS activities have expanded to include surveying a variety of other manmade structures which require very detailed investigation and/or monitoring, such as offshore wind turbines and sub-stations. ADUS has undertaken trial surveys on a windfarm off the UK coast in association with their owner. These surveys have provided three dimensional interactive data at an unprecedented level, which allows operators to clearly visualise all elements of their assets sub-sea in a 3D interactive environment.

  • Wind & Tide Energy

    This includes visualisations of transition pieces, J-tubes and emanating cables, and the seabed scours that occur around the bases of the turbines. The visualisations are all metrical and accurate to centimetric levels allowing measurements between any two points: for example the free span of cables from J-tube bell-mouths to where they meet the seabed, the distance between known points such as the anode rings to the lowest points within the underlying seabed scour. The catenary of cables between J-tubes and the seafloor can also be clearly visualised, providing unprecedented levels of detail important for successful ongoing maintenance. As such the technologies employed offer an innovative, state of the art approach to the management of these assets, allowing a more cost effective approach to many operational & maintenance procedures as well as documenting the current status of assets for those responsible for their management.

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DeepOcean acquires a 50% interest in ADUS

DeepOcean UK, a subsidiary of DeepOcean Group Holding BV, today announced that it has acquired a 50% interest in the leading 3D sonar visualisation company ADUS to form ADUS DeepOcean Ltd.

ADUS, originally a spin out from the University of St Andrews and Dundee University, has rapidly acquired a global reputation in the marine salvage market for its stunning subsea 3D visualisations.




ADUS specialises in high-resolution multibeam sonar surveying and visualisation. The core of ADUS work has been collecting and visualising data on shipwrecks that are an environmental hazard because they contain oil, explosives and nuclear material, or because they are a danger to navigation. Recently the work has expanded to include a variety of other man made structures which require very detailed investigation. Surveys are sometimes combined with a more comprehensive investigation of the circumstances of the sinking of a ship or an assessment of the rate of break up on the seabed. Forensic archaeological techniques are used to interpret the subtle clues contained within the sonar data.

ADUS surveys are wide ranging and have included a Russian nuclear submarine in 250m of arctic waters, a bulk cargo carrier in 50m of tropical waters and a munitions ship in very shallow water in the Thames Estuary. ADUS clients include Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, major salvage companies and heritage agencies.

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